The Half Marathon is also considered a long distance race and appeals to serious runners, though it is half as long as a marathon. Runners participating in the half marathon should have trained for the race in advance, similar for a full marathon. Likewise, the running distance also poses a great mental and physical challenge to those who choose to run a half marathon. Participants who complete the half marathon experience a great feeling of accomplishment. This is an ideal race for avid runners who are looking to work their way up to completing a marathon and also for runners looking to improve their current running base. First-time race participants should prepare well in advance if they plan on running this race!

The 10 km run is considered to be middle distance; however it still poses a challenge for many recreational runners. Runners participating in the 10 km should undergo some training prior to entering the race and warm-up well before running the race in order to avoid injury. As long as runners are steady in pace, they should be able to compete the full distance. This race is ideal for recreational runners and runners looking to challenge themselves in their first distance race.

The 5 km Speed category is designed to test your mettle. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female finishers and all runners in this category must complete their race within time.

This category is prepared specifically for contestants over 40 years old.




  • Race Entry
  • Goodie Bag
  • Race T-Shirt
  • Personalized BIB
  • Unique Finisher Medal
  • Finisher Tee for Half Marathon
  • Medical Care – First Aid Stations
  • Fruit and Water Stations
  • Refreshments


  • From Bira Harbor (Bulukumba) to Pamatata Harbor (Selayar).
  • From H. Aroeppala Airport (Selayar) to Secretariat.
  • From Pamatata Harbor (Selayar) to Secretariat.
  • From Secretariat to Accomodation.
  • From Accomodation to Secretariat.
  • From Secretariat to Pamatata Harbor (Selayar).
  • From Secretariat to H. Aroeppala Airport (Selayar).
  • Transportation from Pamatata Harbor (Selayar) to Bira Harbor (Bulukumba).


  • Citizen's Houses


  • Gala Dinner at Regent's Residence